Ophthalmic Surgery

Corza Medical provides you access to a complete and comprehensive line of advanced ophthalmic solutions recognized and respected around the world. We are committed to providing surgeons with the options best suited for individual procedures, techniques and patient needs. That’s why we have created a remarkably broad portfolio of world-class knives and blades — a single source that ensures that every surgeon, around the globe, has access to the right blade for the right procedure, each and every time.

Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives


Precision when you need it most.

Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives are designed to satisfy the needs of a full range of ophthalmic surgical procedures. They deliver outstanding precision and control resulting in accurate incisions, exceptional wound architecture and smooth, self-sealing wounds.

Sharpoint Guarded Knives


The protection you want. The precision you need.

The advanced design of SharpGuard guarded knives allow for single-handed blade actuation of the Sharpoint Infinite Edge blade. The snap lock slider locks the blade in place, ensuring the blade is secure during surgery and minimizing the risk of sharps injuries.

Ultra Plug Punctal Plugs


Ultra Plug Punctal Plugs

UltraPlug™ Punctal Plugs offer long-term relieves dry eye symptoms and enable the eye to maintain more of its own natural tears. Available in both permanent and extended-wear, absorbable options, our plugs are designed to deliver the optimal balance of performance and patient comfort.


High-quality, consistently sharp needles.

Your most delicate ophthalmic procedures deserve Sharpoint sutures, available in a range of absorbable and non-absorbable materials on our UltraGlide™ needles to provide outstanding performance in every surgery.

Sharpoint Cannulas


Sharpoint Cannulas

Corza Medical provides a wide range of cannulas designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of ophthalmic surgeons. Sharpoint cannulas are available for a variety of procedures, including cataract, anesthesia, vitreoretinal, glaucoma, and oculoplastic procedures.

Sharpoint Trephines


Sharpoint Trephines

Sharpoint™ Trephines are designed to meet the exacting demands of corneal transplants. The advanced blade technology provides an incredibly sharp cutting edge that delivers the precise cut required to achieve an accurate fit. Our disposable vacuum trephines, donor punch sets, and short or long handled trephines are available in sizes ranging from 6.00mm through 9.75mm, in 0.25mm increments.

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