Punctum Plugs

Corza Medical’s long-term and temporary punctum plugs are designed to preserve the eye’s intrinsic moisture by providing a delicate yet effective seal within the tear ducts. The EagleVision® long-term plugs, Duraplug® temporary plugs, and our Collagen Inserts are the most comprehensive plug portfolio on the market, providing relief for patients with dry eye disease and other lacrimal disorders.

Developed with patients in mind, only Corza Medical carries the patented Tapered Shaft™, designed to maximize patient comfort and retain its position in the punctum. Engineered with meticulous care, these plugs integrate seamlessly, offering a pathway from the discomfort of dry eyes, often a hinderance in patients’ daily lives.

These devices do more than enhance comfort by helping to reduce the symptoms of dry eye; they are pivotal in upholding the eyes’ own protective barriers.

Corza Medical’s punctum plugs are a testament to our commitment to empowering your vision and well-being.

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