Single Use Instruments

Explore Corza Medical’s innovative array of Blink Single-Use Ophthalmic Instruments, each designed with the utmost precision, fostering a new standard of safety and efficacy in eye care. The single-use advantage guarantees sharpness and precision without the possibility of previous use damage.

Adding Corza Medical’s single-use instruments to your facility potentially reduces time lost due to missing or damaged instruments. Thanks to immediate and ready-to-go availability, your needs are fully supported when unexpected events or shortages occur. In addition, replacement of frequently repaired or broken instruments may provide newly discovered cost savings.

Our strict quality controls result in precise manufacturing of durable single-use stainless steel instruments with immaculate finishing, consistent size, look and feel to ensure peak performance. The product line is a testament to our commitment to refined care, liberating healthcare professionals from the concerns of instrument maintenance, and realigning their focus on what truly matters—patient care. This shift not only optimizes the clinical workflow but also reinforces our dedication to impacting lives positively.

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