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Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives are designed to satisfy the needs of a full range of ophthalmic surgical procedures. They deliver outstanding precision and control resulting in accurate incisions, exceptional wound architecture and smooth, self-sealing wounds.

Sharpoint Microsurgical Knives


Precision solutions for a full range of ophthalmic procedures.

Paracentesis Incision Knives

A complete range of knives for initial incisions for cataract procedures.

Primary Phaco Incision Knives

An extensive range of knives designed for precise incision in cataract surgical technique, including; single and double bevel slit knives, clear corneal knives, IQ Geometry.

Phaco/Implant Incision Knives

Phaco and implant incisions in one knife helps maintain wound integrity by eliminating the implant knife. Allows the surgeon to enlarge the phaco incision to a consistent, precise width for IOL insertion. Depth indicator lines provide a visual reference.

Limbal Relaxation Incision Knives

Designed to create groove and limbal relaxing incisions (technique for managing preexisting astigmatism) using single-formed design for accuracy and dual cutting edges for left or right maneuverability. Available in ultra precision and restricted depths.

Limbal Relaxation Incision Knives

Consistent sharpness for glaucoma and cataract surgeries.

Vitrectomy Knives

Sharpoint vitrectomy knives create precise access incisions that may virtually eliminate wound leaks around probes and other posterior segment instruments. Used when removing all or some of the vitreous humor from the eye in retina-related procedures.

Specialty Knives

Specialty Knives are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various techniques and procedures.

Blade & Tip Handle

Compatible with the threaded tips of Sharpoint blade and tip items, the inner threads are standardized to fit most competitive collets and blades currently available. Sold individually.

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