Corza Medical’s SensorTek brand of reusable and single-use lenses are designed to provide exceptional optics at an extraordinary value. Our proprietary advanced technology provides a high-quality and more user-friendly product while demonstrating equal or better optical performance to standard glass lens options. Sensortek lenses are the embodiment of quality and precision, echoing our commitment to the evolution of eye care.

Designed with clinician needs in mind, our single-use lenses offer an efficient alternative to standard reusable lenses, eliminating the need for re-processing and providing a reliable, high-quality optic experience without the risk of scratches, water spots, or recurring damage to the lens.

At the heart of our lens portfolio is the pursuit of providing clinicians a pristine and magnified perspective. High-definition vision is coupled with optimal light transmission and state-of-the-art anti-reflective coatings, bringing into sharp focus the critical intricacies of the eye.

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