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When it comes to what’s needed in the operating room, we believe no one knows better than surgeons and their team. That’s why Corza Medical is proud to work directly with surgical professionals to ensure that the products we deliver perform to your exact needs no matter your surgical speciality.



Remarkable service & exceptional choices

We’re a team of experienced professionals who understand the difference that excellent customer service can make. We don’t believe in compromises – the medical community we support does not need to choose between performance, value and service. It’s our mission to provide all three by creating an unmatched experience that stems from listening to the surgical experts themselves.


Products that perform

The choice is always yours. Our trusted family of products is the result of listening to and collaborating with surgeons across specialties to gain a deep understanding of what you want to have in-hand during your procedures. Explore our products to find the right tools at an optimal price.

Procedural Areas

Specialties we serve

Consider us an integral part of your surgical support system. With our reliable range of products that can serve all specialties, we operate alongside you to create a streamlined experience so that you can spend time on what matters most—patient care.

Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Dermatologic Surgery Urology Gynecology Ophthalmic General Surgery Plastic Surgery

Original equipment manufacturer

You can trust that the same quality and commitment to care that we put into our products goes into our sourcing partnerships. Whether you’re sourcing individual components or a complete, customized device, our end-to-end offering provides value you can rely on.

  • Advanced Suture
  • Surgical Needles
  • Private Label
  • Unique Technologies

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