Corza Medical offers an array of suture solutions to accommodate the unique needs of urologic procedures. Our surgical products are designed with the specific and anatomical challenges in mind— from vasectomy reversal procedures to robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP).

Sharpoint Microsuture


See the power of precision.

  • Proprietary M.E.T.™ needles feature innovative tip geometry designed to avoid tenting — ideal for vasectomy reversal procedures
  • The tri- faceted VAS cutting needles facilitate penetration of the delicate tissue layers of the vas deferens
  • Bi-curve needle minimizes the possibility of grabbing the back of the vessel wall
  • Double armed needles and shorter suture lengths facilitate suture placement for a more precise mucosal approximation

Barbed Suture

Time-saving tissue closure device.

  • Barbed design evenly distributes tension throughout the tissue closure, assisting in watertight closure in urethrovesical anastomosis
  • Eliminates the need to tie knots, reducing time spent on tissue closure

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