Orthopedic Surgery

From total joint replacements to spinal surgeries, orthopedic procedures demand suture solutions that maximize efficiency, while ensuring secure and reliable wound closure. Our orthopedic product lines provide you with a wide range of solutions that offer you the right tools to successfully complete any procedure.


Time-saving tissue closure device.

  • Innovative barbed design eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming knot tying, reducing closure times by as much as 40% compared to traditional sutures
  • In dynamic testing, shown to be as strong as interrupted closure and more resistant to failure when disrupted*
  • Distributes tension along the length of the wound
  • Secures layers in procedures such as knee and hip arthroplasty
  • Double-armed suture facilitates two surgeons closing together
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Quick and easy as a bandage, strong as a suture.

Experience a new wound closure device that is as effective as sutures and as fast and easy to apply as a bandage. microMend PRO delivers superior clinical results including cosmetic outcomes, improved patient experience and significantly reduces procedure costs. PRO offers an excellent option for surface layer skin closure in reconstructive shoulder procedures.

Sharpoint Microsuture


See the power of precision.

Corza Medical’s microsurgical needles are designed for optimal performance. Each needle is forged from a proprietary stainless steel alloy for maximum strength, ductility, and hardness. Tip configurations include our world renowned MET (Micro Edge Taper) and standard Taper Point configurations.

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