Reduce closure time by eliminating suture knot tying.


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How to improve surgical throughput with a time-saving closure device

Dr. Helen Raynham, MD

Dermatologic Surgeon,
Boston, MA

What is
Quill Barbed Suture?

Quill® barbed suture is a novel wound closure device that eliminates the need to tie suture knots to secure the closure during soft tissue approximation.

The barbs hold wound edges together while distributing forces along the entire length of the suture eliminating high tension points.

How the barbs work

Retractable barbs allow the suture to pass smoothly through tissue in one direction — and then anchor into the tissue for secure fixation.

Improve your practice efficiency and profitability.

Reduce closure time
by up to 40%.

By eliminating knot tying, you can save valuable time and increase patient volume.

Maintain suture tension without an assistant.

Once the Quill barbs engage the tissue, they maintain tension on the wound automatically.

Eliminate suture removal visits.

Quill is fully absorbable so the patient does not need to return for suture removal.

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