Convenience of a bandage, strength of a suture.

Experience a new wound closure device that is as effective as sutures and as fast and easy to apply as a bandage. microMend PRO delivers superior clinical results including cosmetic outcomes, improved patient experience and significantly reduces procedure costs.

microMend PRO is a rapid skin closure device that uses painless microstaple technology to provide strong and secure wound approximation.


Designed like a butterfly bandage, microMend PRO can be applied easily and rapidly within seconds.


Rapid application that is designed to significantly reduce procedure time, increase patient capacity, and reduce facility costs.


Can be applied by a broad range of medical personnel with minimal training which frees up physicians to perform additional procedures.


Improved cosmetic outcomes versus sutures due to the reduction of train track and other types of scarring.


Little to no pain and gentle when applied making it ideal to use on children and fragile skin.

Ease of Use

Patients can remove microMend PRO themselves which eliminates a return clinic visit that is typically not reimbursed.

Anatomy of microMend PRO

Why is this device unique?

Common Clinical Applications in Emergency Medicine


Skin Tears

Benefits of MicroMend PRO:

  • Easily Conforms to Irregular Anatomy
  • Easy to Apply
  • Holding Strength of a 3-0 Suture

microMend PRO Applied

1 Month Post-Op


Pediatric Patients

Benefits of MicroMend PRO:

  • Painless to Apply
  • No Sedation Required
  • Excellent cosmetic outcomes and no train track scars

Before microMend PRO

microMend PRO Applied

60 Days Post-Op



Benefits of MicroMend PRO:

  • Fast application
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Excellent cosmetic outcomes

Before microMend PRO

microMend PRO Applied

90 Days Post-Op

Economics of microMend PR

Comparison of microMend PRO vs. Sutures

Reduced Supplies Cost
Does not require Lidocaine Anesthetic, Suturing Tools, Syringe, and a Needle.

Shorter procedures (up to 7x faster than sutures), no suture tray, no anesthesia which reduces surgery time and may allow more procedures per day.

NO RETURN VISIT to remove device which frees up rooms and resources for additional revenue generating patients.

Clinical Feedback

Clinical Application Videos

MicroMend Pro Selection Guidance

Preparing the Operative Site

Application Technique: Large

Application Technique: Medium

Application Technique

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