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When it comes to the dermatological operating room, using the right tools is crucial. We proudly offer wound closure solutions that are designed to complement your technique and deliver successful outcomes.


Time-saving tissue closure device

For security and efficiency with every stitch, surgeons trust Quill® barbed sutures. This time-saving closure devices eliminate the need to tie knots to secure the closure and evenly distribute tension, offering both security and speed.

Reduce closure time by up to 50%.
By eliminating knot tying, you can save valuable time and increase patient volume.

Maintain suture tension without an assistant.
Once the Quill barbs engage the tissue, they maintain tension on the wound automatically.

Eliminate suture removal visits.
Quill is fully absorbable so the patient does not need to return for suture removal.

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Premium performance with outstanding pricing

Made with the needs of dermatologists in mind, Corza Medical is proud to offer sutures that have proven performance in the most delicate surgeries. Get effective closures without ever sacrificing on cost.

  • A collection of products that delivers excellence in each and every procedure.
  • Developed for the sensitive tissue common in dermatological surgeries.
  • With increased efficiency comes better value.

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Express Gut™ medical material

Express Gut is an ideal surface suture in dermatologic repair. It ensures a dependable and predictable absorption and an extremely high tensile strength. Every strand is precision polished to a uniform diameter, permitting smooth and secure knotting.

  • Effective Wound Support for 5-7 days
  • Comparable to Ethicon Fast Absorbing Gut
  • Sizes 5-0 and 6-0 USP with PC-1 Needle
  • Packaged in Wetting Solution

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