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A time-saving tissue closure device

Quill Barbed Suture is a time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure. The helical barbed design evenly distributes tension offering a unique combination of security and speed – increasing both efficiency and value.



Hemostasis and wound closure in urological surgery

Discover the far-reaching potential, features and benefits of hemostasis and sealing in urology.


Fast and efficient.

Fast and efficient

Eliminate suture knot tying can reduce closure time by up to 50% and save on operating room costs.

Secure and strong.

Secure and strong

Quill barbs immediately maintain tension once engaged in tissue. It has superior anchoring strength to hold wound edges together during approximation with minimal tissue trauma.

Improved surgical outcomes.

Improved surgical outcomes

Quill helps reduce knot-related complications and ideal for scar cosmesis.

How the barbs work

Retractable barbs allow the suture to pass smoothly through tissue in one direction — and then anchor into the tissue for secure fixation.

Our portfolio of Quill products


You’ve got options.

Quill is offered in two barb configurations: bi-directional and uni-directional.

Bi-directional is a double-armed suture.  Barbs reverse direction at the mid-point of the suture.

Uni-directional is a single armed suture. The suture is anchored using the adjustable loop at the apex of the wound.


The right tool for the job.

UltraGlide® surgical needles provide maximum performance for consistency and control. Our sutures are offered with a variety of needle options for multiple specialties.


Short-term. Long-term. Permanent.

Monoderm® is a short-term, absorbable suture available in clear or violet colors and essentially complete by 120 days. Due to its pliability and handling characteristics, it is suitable for subcuticular and soft tissue approximation.

PDO (polydioxanone) is a long-term, absorbable suture available in the color violet and essentially complete by 180 days. It is suitable for many types of soft tissue approximation where extended support is needed but still promotes future growth.

Polypropylene is a non-absorbable, permanent suture available in clear or blue colors. Its tensile strength is not weakened by tissue enzymes and used where prolonged apposition of wounds are needed.


Packaged for quick and easy suture deployment.

  • Single foil barrier eliminates packaging waste.
  • Quill tray reduces suture memory and protects the barbs.
  • Labelled tray provides clear identification in the sterile field.

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