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Custom Ophthalmic Packs

Custom packs are personalised solutions that bring together a carefully curated selection of medical devices necessary for specific procedures. These packs are designed to optimise time, increase cost-efficiency and address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in today’s intricate healthcare environment.


Sterile and ready for use

Our custom packs are supplied sterile ready for immediate use. They reduce set up time before each procedure by removing the need to pick and open multiple individual sterile products.

Quality you can trust

We provide the highest quality components in every pack. All components undergo rigorous quality assessments and are packed prior to sterilisation in our class 8 cleanroom environment. Choose from a wide range of options to create a pack that suits your unique needs.

Control your costs

Ensure cost control per surgical procedure while reducing inventory levels. By limiting vendors, the order process is streamlined, contributing to reduced costs and improved ordering efficiency.

A sustainable approach

Opt for sustainability with custom packs. Using one pack per procedure reduces packaging waste compared to multiple individually wrapped items. This not only benefits the environment, but also lowers disposal costs.

Enhancing surgical efficiency

Custom packs significantly reduce preparation time for surgical procedures. With everything you need in one compact, ready to use package, order with just one item number instead of multiple.


To support a reduction in plastic waste, Corza Medical offers a choice of sustainable trays. Options include natural fibre trays manufactured from sugarcane by-product and 100% recycled plastic trays. Hereby, our clients can strive towards their sustainability and waste reduction targets through the implementation of Blink component packs to actively reduce component waste.

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