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Blink Medical is now part of Corza Medical. A new name offering you the same trusted brands.

A remarkable surgical experience.

Surgery is at the core of everything we do, and we believe that no one knows better than surgeons and their teams. Corza Medical is proud to work directly with surgical professionals to ensure that the products we deliver perform to your exact needs every procedure, every day.

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Personalised service & exceptional choices.

We are a passionate team that understands the difference an excellent customer experience can make. The medical community we support does not need to choose between performance, value and service. It’s our mission to provide all three by creating an unmatched experience that stems from listening to the surgical experts themselves.


Our promise to you

We develop products in collaboration with the surgical community, to ensure you get the exact surgical tools you need, at the right time and price.

Remarkable service
A seamless, personal process designed around you and your needs.

Trusted performance
Our product family is the result of years of experience championing surgeons and listening to their expertise.

Outstanding value
No matter the surgical specialty, we deliver consistent, quality products.


Products that perform.

The choice is always yours. Our trusted family of products is the result of listening to and collaborating with surgeons across specialties to gain a deep understanding of what you want to have in-hand during your procedures. Explore our products to find the right tools at an optimal price.

Finding everything you need?

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