Plastic Surgery

We know the importance of closure in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Our specially designed cosmetic needles are produced with an alloy that maintains its sharpness and strength. No matter the procedure, we have the quality and cost-effective products to meet your aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

Why Corza Medical?

The Corza Medical family of products is an ideal choice for private plastic surgery practices that want to reduce procedure time and material costs without sacrificing quality.

Featured Testimonial


  • Dr. Schoemann’s practice uses approximately 450 3-0 Monocryl PS-2 sutures per year.
  • After switching to Sharpoint Monoderm, he estimates the practice saves approximately $1,200 annually.

While familiarity is often the key factor driving suture choice, private practices are also highly cost conscious. Dr. Schoemann explained, “in private practice, you really have to think about the cost of everything that’s involved in doing a single surgery.”

In his busy plastic surgery practice, Dr. Schoemann has realized several benefits of Quill sutures. Dr. Schoemann notes that, “there’s a couple tricks to using Quill, but it can speed up the suturing time and reduce the time in the OR, which lowers costs.” In particular, use of the bi-directional Quill for abdominoplasty incision reduces the suturing and OR time. Quill sutures also provide greater security for subcuticular incisions compared to monofilament sutures. He also found microMend PRO to be an easy, low-profile way to decrease tension and prevent incision separation and hypertrophic scarring.

Mark Schoemann, MD
Plastic Surgeon
Schoemann Medical Corp

Barbed Suture

Time-saving tissue closure device.

  • Unique barbed design reduces wound edge shearing, potentially improving scar formation and cosmesis
  • Shown to reduce closure time by as much as 50% in mastopexy, brachioplasty and abdominoplasty procedures1,2
  • Avoids purse string tissue – gathering effect often seen in MACS lifts and areolar closures
  1. Paul MD, Budd M. Evaluating the Quill™ self retaining system. www.plasticsurgerypractice.com
  2. 2. Leung JC, Ruff GL, Batchelor SD. Performance enhancement of a knotless suture via barb geometry modifications. 7th World Biomaterials Congress 2004 Proceedings. p.1587
Sharpoint family shot

Surgical Suture

Premium performance with outstanding pricing.

  • Multi-layered silicone coated needles maintain sharpness throughout the procedure
  • Advanced needle geometry provides ease of penetration and minimal tissue damage
  • Proven performance with a competitive price

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