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How to Increase Patient Throughput with a Time Saving Device

A webinar with Dr. Helen Raynham, Dermatologic Surgeon


The increase prevalence of skin cancer is driving demand for dermatologic surgery, which means more patients to your clinic. To accommodate the demand, you can either work longer hours or hire more employees – or you can improve your efficiency with the resources you are currently using, as an example, sutures.

In this webinar, Dr. Helen Raynham discusses her experience using Quill Barbed Suture and how it helped her practice:

  • How to reduce wound closure time by up to 50%.
  • How to eliminate patient office visits for suture removal.
  • Surgical technique tips to obtain the best results.
  • Case study results with improved cosmesis from Mohs reconstruction with Quill.

Highlights include:

Reduce Procedure Time:

Quill Barbed Suture has the speed of a running stitch and security of an interrupted stitch. It eliminates the need to tie time-consuming knots because the barbs hold the wound edges together.

“We can remove the closure bottleneck and increase the patient volume by at least 50 percent. I don’t need an assistant sometimes when I’m running the top suture, I’ll ask my assistant to un-glove and she can start the discharge paperwork, clean the room, or maybe move on to the next patient and get the next patient ready. I find that to be very very valuable.”

Eliminate Suture Removal:

Quill Monoderm and PDO suture materials are fully absorbable. This means the patient doesn’t need to return to the office for suture removal, eliminating 10 minutes. This time allows the surgeon to take on more cases which is billable or tend to other responsibilities.

“Also, the great thing about quill is that these sutures are very fully absorbable so the patient does not need to come back into the office for suture removal. If a follow-up visit is needed, we can do it virtually or ask the patient to send their photographs. Another great reason about them not coming back, is I can then use those rooms to add an extra procedure, it simplifies my workflow and it increases my patient volume.”

Better Patient Outcomes:

Enhancing cosmetic results by eliminating track marks.

“This older surgery site had some track marks and that was done a few years before he came to see me and with Quill,  I almost always have a very uniform thickness of the incision.”

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