Reusable Instruments

Corza Medical is proud to serve the eye care community with premium ophthalmic reusable instruments. Our reusable instruments are crafted with the intent to set new standards in the realm of eye care. Both Katena and ASICO reusable instruments are the embodiment of strength meeting finesse—forged to endure, without yielding in precision, even as they navigate the demanding cycle of repeated use.

Our portfolio of instruments are designed to the highest standards, empowering eye care professionals with instruments they can rely on for the intricate and vital work of eye surgery and treatment. They stand as a promise of longevity and patient safety, two non-negotiables in the pursuit of excellence in care.

For your vision care practice, accept no compromise. Our reusable instrument brands are synonymous with the precision, quality, and steadfast reliability that you, your practice, and your patients deserve.

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