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Corza Medical Captures Bronze Award at the 11th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence 

Corza Medical is pleased to announce being recognized at the 11th Annual 2024 Globee® Awards for Customer Excellence with the prestigious 2024 Bronze Globee Award for Achievement in Customer Service Excellence. After reviewing hundreds of nominations, the Globee Awards for Customer Excellence judges recognized Corza Medical among the top winners, lauding the company for its comprehensive approach to customer service. 

In a competitive landscape where many focus solely on technological advancements, Corza Medical stands out by prioritizing service excellence and fostering deep customer partnerships. Founded in 2021 in collaboration with leading private equity firm GTCR, Corza Medical upholds a mission to address the market’s need for reliable service and close customer collaboration in essential surgical products, technologies, and solutions. 

“At Corza Medical, we put our customers first in everything we do,” said Gregory T. Lucier, executive chairman of Corza Medical. “These awards further validate our approach integrating high-performance technologies with a customer-centric mindset.” 

To fulfill the company’s commitment to service excellence, Corza Medical has built a comprehensive approach: 

  • Digital Connectedness: Corza Medical invested significantly in a robust digital ecosystem, including innovative e-commerce channels that already account for over 15% of U.S. sales. This digital infrastructure enhances customer interaction and ensures seamless service delivery. 
  • Human Engagement: The company’s dedicated sales teams immerse themselves in understanding the unique needs of healthcare professionals, serving as trusted advisors and partners in patient care. Beyond technical expertise, Corza Medical emphasizes empathy, dependability, and courteousness to build enduring relationships. 
  • Dependable and Ongoing Supply: By vertically integrating its manufacturing and supply chain, the company enhances the reliability of product delivery, even amid global supply chain challenges. 

“We are honored by the recognition from the Globee® Awards,” said Corza Medical CEO Tom Testa. Every day around the world our team is focused on delivering a remarkable experience for our customers so they can deliver the best care to their patients.” 

Explore the complete list of 2024 Globee Awards for Customer Excellence winners here: https://globeeawards.com/customer/winners/ 

For more information about Corza Medical and our dedication to service excellence, visit https://corza.com/

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