Quill™ Barbed Suture

Security with every stitch. Savings with every suture.

The Quill™ barbed suture is a time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure. The barbed design evenly distributes tension offering a unique combination of security and speed—increasing both efficiency and value.

  • Helical barbed pattern maximizes tissue grab and hold
  • Available in Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional configurations
  • German-engineered needles with superior sharpness, penetration and strength characteristics
  • Used in over 25M surgical cases and studied in more than 60 clinical papers

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Barb Configurations

Bi-directional Quill is a double-armed suture.  Barbs reverse direction at the mid-point of the suture.

Uni-directional Quill is a single armed suture.  The suture is anchored using the adjustable loop at the apex of the wound.

Needle Performance

Quill comes in two barb configurations; bi-directional and uni-directional.

From conventional, precision and reverse cutting to taper and spatula designs, Surgical Specialties needles are designed for optimal performance. Each one is forged from a proprietary stainless steel alloy for maximum strength, ductility and hardness and manufactured with German-designed robotics to ensure quality and repeatability.


The new Quill packaging simplifies device delivery to the sterile field.

  • Reduces suture memory
  • Protects barbs
  • Easy needle arming
  • Clear identification
  • Single foil barrier eliminates packaging waste
  • Recyclable polypropylene tray

How Quill™ Barbed Suture Works

Step 1

Anchor the Quill Device

With the Quill™ device needle, take initial bite of tissue. Then, pass the needle through the variable loop. Cinch down to engage the barbs at the fixation point.

Step 2

Run The Stitch

Continue approximating the tissue in a running fashion until the opposite end of the wound is reached.

Step 3

Lock The Stitch

Secure the end by employing a few backstitches and cut the remaining Quill™ flush with the tissue to complete. If approximating the subcuticular layer, exit laterally and cut flush with the skin.

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Comparable to Monocryl and Caprosyn


Compares to PDS II



Comparable to Prolene and Surgipro/Surgilene

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