Sharpoint Trephines

Sharpoint™ Trephines are designed to meet the exacting demands of corneal transplants. The advanced blade technology provides an incredibly sharp cutting edge that delivers the precise cut required to achieve an accurate fit. Our disposable vacuum trephines, donor punch sets, and short or long handled trephines are available in sizes ranging from 6.00mm through 9.75mm, in 0.25mm increments.

Sharpoint Trephines


A clear view and complete control.

Sharpoint donor punch sets are designed to ensure full visualization and firm control with a 3 radii cutting platform secures the donor cornea in the correct anatomical and relaxed position for an optimal cut. Five positioning holes aid centration and allow any fluid/air collected beneath the cornea to drain away. Clinical benefits include:

  • Better Wound Apposition
  • Less Post Operative Aberrations
  • Less Crushing of Tissue / Cells
  • Reduce Risk of Graft Rejection

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