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Examples of My Work

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Here are some highlights of my work, illustrating from where my UX design skills and knowledge have evolved.

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My profile page contains a more extensive list of clients, or you can view more on my LinkedIn profile.

Semantico » Academic Books Online

Multiple Projects
Brighton, England

Employed as a UX Designer by Semantico (taken over by HighWire), I worked within the UX team to design and create HTML prototypes during the discovery phase for various new clients in the academic publishing arena.

MyDNA » Startup in Genetic Testing

Multiple Projects
Melbourne, Australia

Brought into this start-up in genetic testing to design interfaces for its B2B and B2C platforms. I performed all wireframing, graphic design, HTML prototyping, as well as the final build of all HTML for integration with WordPress.

RMIT University » Online Course Design

Single Project
Melbourne, Australia

Developed concept and design for a course based responsive website to be used by lecturers in teaching a Sustainability in IT course.

ITV Essentials » Video on Demand

Single Project
London, England

I was the sole UX Developer for the responsive ITV Essentials Video On Demand site, working closely with the UX designers and technical architects to plan out a responsive white label version.

Gym & Pool Directories » SEO & Advertising Playgrounds

2013 - 2016
Multiple Projects
Australia & England

For several years I developed and maintained online directories for gyms and swimming pools in the UK, Australia and New Zealand which I used to experiment with SEO and for advertising revenue.

Australian Football League » Searchable Video on Demand

Single Project
Sydney, Australia

I designed and project-managed innovative searchable streaming media functionality for the Australian Football League (AFL) that enabled fans to compile personalised videos by searching for players and/or activities.

Employers Making a Difference » Disability Network

Multiple Projects
Sydney, Australia

I delivered three iterations of website for this non-profit organisation focussed on enabling those with a disability to find work. It was essential that each website was designed to conform to accessibility guidelines and be usable to the impaired.

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